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Janet 是陶艺爱好者, 自小喜欢各类手作, 画画,热爱大自然。




Janet 的作品朴实自然 贴近生活本源

Janet has been learning pottery since 2003

She has her own set up home studio equipped with material tools and equipments

She has been teaching pottery classes since 2009 until the end of 2016

Janet frequently participates in bazaars selling her unique pottery works and her dad’s seed

planted bonsai

Her works reflect the naturalness of art made into pottery reflected into true to life

Uncle Chua

Uncle Chua




植物拍照后还会继续生长,所以实体与照片不尽相同哦 ~



注意事项: 适合室内,避免直接日晒, 保持水份。

My dad is a nature lover.

After his retirement, during his free time, he likes to use my pottery pots to plant seeds

that he has collected from the seasides, country roads and road trips that he has been on.

These seed germination takes a long process before they bloom into beautiful plants that can

be used to revitalize and beautify your homes.

These plants can grow well and live on for many years as bonsai in these pottery pots.

Precautions: suitable for Indoor, avoids from direct sunlight, monitor the moisture level.