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The art of the four elements ~ Water, Fire, Earth and Air


Sincerely made with love, care and much thought and it spreads…..

大自然元素 : 水,火,土,风 的熔炼, 融入真挚的爱与祝福 传递给您


产自马来西亚, 柔佛,古来,禛乐陶坊

制造方式:个人工作室自制, 高温釉烧 手拉坯 陶杯。

窑炉: 瓦斯窑 1250-1280°C

釉药: 自己调配的高温无铅釉

备注: 图片与实体可能出现色彩及尺寸误差。

作品; 简约和谐 自然淳朴 禅意宁静 沉淀心灵


Personal home studio

Hand Building    , Wheel Thrown Pottery

Pottery product

Kiln : Gas Kiln

High Temperature  Lead Free Glaze 

Remarks: All products may present slight variation in color and measurements from entity.

Product Intro:Simple and harmonious,Natural simplicity,Zen serenity,precipitation soul
Hope to bring the beauty of things from the warm handmade real & naturally into your life

Pos Laju Rate 马来西亚境内价格表


Poslaju Charges : Within Peninsular Malaysia / Sabah / Sarawak
Weight Total Rate – RM
500g ~ 750g 8.50
751g ~ 1.00kg 10.00
1.01kg ~ 1.50kg 12.50
1.51kg ~ 2.00kg 15.50
2.01kg ~ 2.50kg 21.50
2.51kg ~ 3.00kg 24.00
3.01kg ~ 3.50kg 26.50
3.51kg ~ 4.00kg 29.50
4.01kg ~ 4.50kg 32.00
4.51kg ~ 5.00kg 34.50
5.01kg ~ 5.50kg 37.50
5.51kg ~ 6.00kg 40.00
6.01kg ~ 6.50kg 42.50
6.51kg ~ 7.00kg 45.50
7.01kg ~ 7.50kg 48.00
7.51kg ~ 8.00kg 50.50
8.01kg ~ 8.50kg 53.00
8.51kg ~ 9.00kg 55.65
9.01kg ~ 9.50kg 58.50
9.51kg ~ 10.00kg 61.00




避免温度骤变,以免陶器破裂。 例如不要在热碗中注入冰水。







纯手作或多或少会产生流釉等痕迹。 非机械化模具批量生产工整一致。



Use & Care
Normal use.
Do not direct fire heating.
Do not use in oven or microwave oven
Avoid sudden changes in temperature to prevent crushing of pottery. For example, do not pour ice water into the hot bowl.
Ceramics are fragile, avoid strong impact.
If there is tea or coffee stains, use toothpaste or baking soda to clean it.
the bottom of the product is unglazed clay, it is recommended to dry it after washed.
Black dots on the product’s surface is formed from mineral & iron in the soil due to the high temperature kiln, is safe to use.
Due to the natural kiln change phenomenon,there are ice cracked marking,granule,tiny gashole on the product’s surface/appearance.
The slight dent point of unglazed clay is due to the sand which mixed in the soil peels off during the kilning
Usually handmade pottery will have slightly produce flow glaze and other traces, unlike machine or mold mass production consistent
As time goes on, natural glaze cracks may appear on the surface of the pottery. This is a ceramic characteristic that adds charm to the appearance,do not affect the use, please rest assured.





Paypal 支付运费可以在Shipping Fees 运费的页面下单付费。


请务必填写所选邮寄公司及正确的邮寄资料. (姓名、送货地址及联系号码.) 以免订单延迟或无法配送.


植物拍照后还会继续生长,所以实体与照片不尽相同哦 ~


2. 雪隆地区订购 RM1000 以上可以另行安排送货上门。(有运费 )

有意要购买的顾客请联系 Whatsapp Sherina 019-3521603

恕不接受退货.敝店所售的作品都是手工制作, 已经过筛选; 确定没问题.




  • All ceramic products can be sent by courier service.
  • All products price did not adding shipping fees, mailing packing costs will borne by the buyer
  • Due to product needs proper packaging, therefore, the exact shipping fee will determine after packaging.
  • When using Paypal for shipping fee, please look for – Shipping Fees page & click on  payment
  • When Payment using Direct Bank Transfer, please inform us as soon as possible after you had made payment, parcel will be shipped within 5 working days after payment is confirmed.
  • Please be sure to fill in the selected mailing company and the correct mailing information. (Name, shipping address, and contact number) to avoid delays or inability to deliver the order.

  • Seeds Plant can’t send by post.
  • Plants will continue growing after taking pictures, so the entities may have varied from photos.
  • 1. Please leave your contact number so that we can notify you when there is a bazaar.
  • 2. For order more than RM1000 within Klang Valley we can arrange delivery (delivery charges will apply)
  • Customer who intend to purchase please contact:- Whatsapp Sherina 019-3521603
  • Goods sold are not returnable or refundable. All handmade pottery have been selected, we make sure the products that we sale are in good condition.

Wishes: Happy Trading!